We believe that Nigeria will play an important role in world's economy.

We import and export products between Canada and Nigeria as well as seek investments opportunities in Nigeria.

We demonstrate that doing business overseas is possible and the use of technology has allowed us to be closer to each other regardless of distance.

Our mission is to facilitate business between Canada and Nigeria, provide value to our customers and create strong lasting relationships.


We celebrate the cultures and way of life differences, we wish to share the differences with our partners.

Our Philosophy

We are focused on building long-term relationships based on trust, we surround ourselves with the right people. It is challenging to operate an international company, to ease the challenges, the people with whom you work must be reliable. We carefully choose our partners, suppliers and customers.


Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa and growing everyday. The government is focused on developing the country and has eased international trade. Many business markets are untapped and as first movers, we are building strong bonds within Nigeria. Our focus is to be the largest international business organization in Nigeria.